A Little About

The Brake Doctor

Meet The Owner

Scott Pyykola

Hi, my name is Scott Pyykola and I am The Brake Doctor. I have over 25 years of automotive repair experience including engine/transmission repair, body and paint work, suspension systems as well as brakes. I specialize in brakes though, and I love the work! I will personally repair your car, and being the owner I have a vested interest in your satisfaction. No need to worry about employees who don’t care, I care, and will always do my best for you!

A Mechanic You Can Trust

Located in Marquette, Michigan

When we evaluate your brake system, we will take the time to explain what needs replacing and what doesn’t. We will never sell you parts or services you don’t need We are in the brake repair business for the long run and firmly believe that if we do honest work for a fair price you will come back, and you will tell your friends about us too! We are here to serve you, the customer, and we guarantee your satisfaction

Quality & Affordability

It Can Be Done!

We understand budgets and know that auto repairs can sometimes come unexpectedly. We run a very efficient shop with very low overhead to keep our prices low. We are not just competitive; we are crushing the competition on price! Let us give you a free estimate and you will see the value that we provide.

We are certified, licensed and insured for your protection We take cash, check, all major credit cards and Paypal.

It's the Little Things

That matter

We take the time to do the little things that will make your brakes last longer and perform better. Brake caliper pins are disassembled, cleaned and greased and all mating surfaces are cleaned to ensure the calipers and pads move freely. This will ensure uniform braking and even brake pad wear, adding life to your system. We also use new brake pad clips to install your pads which helps to eliminate brake pads from hanging or squeaking. 

We also use new brake pad clips to install your pads which helps to eliminate brake pads from hanging or squeaking. On drum brakes we will use new hardware to ensure long life and free movement of all parts. And we ALWAYS torque your lug nuts with a real torque wrench to proper specs. Uneven lug nut tightening, which can happen when using an impact wrench, can result in warped rotors. These are just a few of the things we do that make us stand out from the rest.