My Work

When you specialize in something over time you notice trends and common problems that keep occurring. Over the years I’ve noticed how much damage that rust causes to brakes, it’s the single biggest issue causing premature wear and failure.  In response I’ve developed systems to combat these issues. For example, I sand blast the rust off the caliper brackets, spray them with a rust converter and then paint them with caliper paint 3 coats. This will help in keeping the pads from getting stuck in the brackets, which is a big problem. Hubs are also cleaned and coated otherwise rotors may not sit flat on the hub and cause pulsation in your brakes. Slide pins are always pulled, cleaned and greased as this is another failure point when they seize.

Fact is we don’t just throw new parts on, we recondition everything back to spec and take measures to prevent all the common problems due to the salt use in our area.